Hello Goodbye

Hey guys. If you wonder why there are no new posts. It's because this blog is down for now. There might be something new in short time. I'll keep you posted.

Hello Terry!

Yellow. Today I took a stroll in the city and found these awesome Terry de Havilland inspired (or ripoff) heels to put in my little collection. Also, as always I came home with something striped. This was the last, last time I bought that pattern. Basta!
Wedges from Mango.
The original.


I love some of her bracelets. I found it at www.scoshanyc.com


Someone just send me an invite for this magazine Dirrty Glam on Facebook. And I just remembered this old interview I did with them last year. So many things have changed since then. It's a bit funny. Well I still like the Stone Roses and Jens Lekman. But simple and pop? What does that even mean.
So if you understand french, here goes. (Btw, If you wonder why I look so odd In the pic on the far left, It's because im 14 years old in it!):

On top of my Wishlist

All I want for Christmas are these heels..someone willing?

Una mas


Hey. I've been a disaster at updating this blog. But I'm in London. And this city just takes all my energy and spare time. London is all right. But its so incredibly dirty and congested. The stress-level is high and there's no nature around. Well there are some nice things about it of course..like random gigs at small clubs and markets around liverpool street. But apart from that, I think I'm really over tea and gray mornings. I really miss Barcelona, despite the thieves and angry catalan grandmas, it has really grown on me..
I've still had loads of fun here. And one more week to go! I wish my computer would upload pics faster. (3 pics 30 min) But I have shitloads of fun stuff on my cam..maybe later.

S-hand by Angel.
Please can someone steal these 70's heels from the British museum?
Best sushi in town. I think I've eaten this dish 14 times in 3 weeks. Black ink, salmon and avocado. Foodgasm!
Ok this is a solid mess. But I don't know where to start...more pics to come I guess...

shoe collector part 2

Hello guys. I'm just recovering from my flu, swineflu probably. Anyway I've been really bored lying in bed for a week with really sore muscles and a face that hurts like shit. I couldn't even open my eyes there for a while. And all I have left now (I hope) is a bit coughing to do. I became a pig as well, littering toilet-paper all over my bed. Anyway. At least I don't have to go and get vaccinated now. But I can't be 100% sure that it was that specific flu I had. What a bummer...Anyway, Here are my three fave flats;
1.) Marc Jacobs moccasins. So qute and soft. I remember when I first saw them in a magazine and just became obsessed with having them. I searched the web, they were sold out. But then I found them by accident in a little shop in Gothenburg.
2.) Miu Miu golden ballerinas. More for looking at then wearing. They remind me of Marie Antoinette or something. And I love that movie by Sofia Coppola.
3.) Vans. What I mostly have on my feet.

Glam girl

Here are some of the pictures for Rabat Mag. I'm really happy with the outcome I must say!!

Flashback of the day

Broder Daniel. Teenage anxiety and dark swedish winters. Cigarettes at damp parking lots. Fucking Åmål. Rumours, HB, and broken hearts. This music just brings me back to the time I was about 14. And everything was so sad, full of self-pity and sacrifice. Feeling like shit was a fulltime job. It wasn't the best time in ones life, the self-confidence was a smudge on the ground, looking for people to identify with, looking for acceptance. Looking for love. Growing up in a city where young kids had nothing to do and it was always raining. It still is. But it thinking back at it, it all kind of feels a bit romantic.
I still love BD, It's such heartful music. And well I guess that the emo-kids still listen to this band.
Broder Daniel -  No time for us, acustic (beautiful song)
Fucking Åmål by Lukas Moodyson. Was what we watched over and over again. To become more like the characters. I always wanted to be Elin, she was the cool one. But  I felt more like Agnes. The misfit and dork.
Lukas really captured the spirit of our teenage-times, and how teenagers interacted. And probably still do.

My weekend

Hey guys. It's been a while..Iv'e been really busy lately, working like crazy and this weekend has been my little rehab. It's been absolutely awesome. All from amazing fireworks in the cita-park to a Boban Markovic concert which was one of the best concerts I've been to. He really made the whole audiance move with the balkan-beat. Here are some pics from this weekend..


This market is the best market ever. It's placed on the infamous la Rambla. They have everything, really. All kinds of fruits, veggies, meat. Everything fresh and really cheap, neatly displayed in colorful patterns. Me and my friend just went off and bought tons of fresh fruits. Strawberries, raspberries all for €1. You could never get that in Sweden. What a luxury!

mmm, this was what came home with us, fresh potato, avocado, strawberries. etc.

Song of the day

A classic- teenage kicks with the Undertones, goes down perfectly with my Vodka/Cranberry

China girl

New beauties from Bershka.

Rosa Negra

There is this place on via Latitana called Rosa Negra. They serve nice drinks and good burritos. The place itself is really cosy and kitchy. A few nights ago we were there eating Quesedillas and drinking raspberry-mojitos. Ajajajaj caramba! Check it out if you're ever in the hood. They have happy hour till 9 every day, then you'll get a drink for only 3.50.


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