Flashback of the day

Broder Daniel. Teenage anxiety and dark swedish winters. Cigarettes at damp parking lots. Fucking Åmål. Rumours, HB, and broken hearts. This music just brings me back to the time I was about 14. And everything was so sad, full of self-pity and sacrifice. Feeling like shit was a fulltime job. It wasn't the best time in ones life, the self-confidence was a smudge on the ground, looking for people to identify with, looking for acceptance. Looking for love. Growing up in a city where young kids had nothing to do and it was always raining. It still is. But it thinking back at it, it all kind of feels a bit romantic.
I still love BD, It's such heartful music. And well I guess that the emo-kids still listen to this band.
Broder Daniel -  No time for us, acustic (beautiful song)
Fucking Åmål by Lukas Moodyson. Was what we watched over and over again. To become more like the characters. I always wanted to be Elin, she was the cool one. But  I felt more like Agnes. The misfit and dork.
Lukas really captured the spirit of our teenage-times, and how teenagers interacted. And probably still do.


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