shoe collector part 2

Hello guys. I'm just recovering from my flu, swineflu probably. Anyway I've been really bored lying in bed for a week with really sore muscles and a face that hurts like shit. I couldn't even open my eyes there for a while. And all I have left now (I hope) is a bit coughing to do. I became a pig as well, littering toilet-paper all over my bed. Anyway. At least I don't have to go and get vaccinated now. But I can't be 100% sure that it was that specific flu I had. What a bummer...Anyway, Here are my three fave flats;
1.) Marc Jacobs moccasins. So qute and soft. I remember when I first saw them in a magazine and just became obsessed with having them. I searched the web, they were sold out. But then I found them by accident in a little shop in Gothenburg.
2.) Miu Miu golden ballerinas. More for looking at then wearing. They remind me of Marie Antoinette or something. And I love that movie by Sofia Coppola.
3.) Vans. What I mostly have on my feet.


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