Hey. I've been a disaster at updating this blog. But I'm in London. And this city just takes all my energy and spare time. London is all right. But its so incredibly dirty and congested. The stress-level is high and there's no nature around. Well there are some nice things about it of random gigs at small clubs and markets around liverpool street. But apart from that, I think I'm really over tea and gray mornings. I really miss Barcelona, despite the thieves and angry catalan grandmas, it has really grown on me..
I've still had loads of fun here. And one more week to go! I wish my computer would upload pics faster. (3 pics 30 min) But I have shitloads of fun stuff on my cam..maybe later.

S-hand by Angel.
Please can someone steal these 70's heels from the British museum?
Best sushi in town. I think I've eaten this dish 14 times in 3 weeks. Black ink, salmon and avocado. Foodgasm!
Ok this is a solid mess. But I don't know where to start...more pics to come I guess...

Postat av: I r o n i e l l e

Haha, kan man lugnt säga ja :)

2009-10-29 @ 21:00:43

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