Song of the day

I think I'ts love- Sportsday Megaphone, Slagsmålsklubben remix
I just love this remix. Also I was extremly happy to find out that Slagsmålsklubben has a blog with a pretty funny and personal content. At

A place by the sea

Me and my man went to a place called Garaff today. It's about 30 min from Barcelona with train. Its a tiny resort with very little people. The waves were huge today so we had to stay at the shore because of the currents.

A day in Stockholm

So I went to Stockholm yesterday to work for something called Hotel Chocolate. I had to get up 4 in the morning and was back at 02.00am. So I was so, so tired. But it was fun. Although Stockholm is not really my favourite city. But they have amazing shopping. And I managed to stroll around the stores for a while after I was done. I love Weekday! They have hundreds and hundreds of different models of Cheap Monday Jeans. It's like paradise!

Christmas edition. It looks so so yummy! It was chocolate already but not eatable since it had been prepped only too look and not taste good.
A picture of the picture on the screen. We did four shots and they'll all be out this christmas.

Now I have to run to the airport. I'm going back to Barcelona. Whioo!


Okey so this is the first time in a hudred years or so I do some piece myself. But I just went at it when I found a pin with a glue-strip on in my old wooden chest. So I just mended together a brooch. One quarter of american dollars and one Croatian lipa. My friend today told me that it's illegal to wear money as accesories. But who cares. Its not even swedish kronas. I put it on my black blazer in the other pics.

Waiting for the bus

We went to town today. And we found historys ugliest shoes. And they weren't even cheap. 1600kr.
Behold the beast from sho-hell!!

Sing soft tunes

I stumbled over this album by Cass McCombs-Catacombs. I have to say its really good, the song "dreams come true girl" is absolutely lovely. You can hear it at his myspace. It's like bedtime tunes. Makes you all mellow and warm. Me gusta!

Hippie times!

Today the sun is shining and a mild breeze is sweeping the citys green lawns. I'm feeling happy as a hippy. So I thought it would be suitable to sport my new ozzy-style-sunglasses. Which I found at a secon-hand in Sydney for one buck. They make you look happy or at least laughable! And my sister said I couldn't hang out with her in those...

Hello strangers and friends!

So I took my bags and left my old spot. I decided to make a new blog and make some changes. I wanted to be able to upload big pictures, (since I now have a new camera and all). And make it more into a photoblog. And also there was a lot of fuss with the old one. Also I realized that most of my friends are not even swedish. So from now on I'll write in english. Which all of you can understand!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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