Hello Terry!

Yellow. Today I took a stroll in the city and found these awesome Terry de Havilland inspired (or ripoff) heels to put in my little collection. Also, as always I came home with something striped. This was the last, last time I bought that pattern. Basta!
Wedges from Mango.
The original.


I love some of her bracelets. I found it at www.scoshanyc.com


Someone just send me an invite for this magazine Dirrty Glam on Facebook. And I just remembered this old interview I did with them last year. So many things have changed since then. It's a bit funny. Well I still like the Stone Roses and Jens Lekman. But simple and pop? What does that even mean.
So if you understand french, here goes. (Btw, If you wonder why I look so odd In the pic on the far left, It's because im 14 years old in it!):

On top of my Wishlist

All I want for Christmas are these heels..someone willing?

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