A day in Stockholm

So I went to Stockholm yesterday to work for something called Hotel Chocolate. I had to get up 4 in the morning and was back at 02.00am. So I was so, so tired. But it was fun. Although Stockholm is not really my favourite city. But they have amazing shopping. And I managed to stroll around the stores for a while after I was done. I love Weekday! They have hundreds and hundreds of different models of Cheap Monday Jeans. It's like paradise!

Christmas edition. It looks so so yummy! It was chocolate already but not eatable since it had been prepped only too look and not taste good.
A picture of the picture on the screen. We did four shots and they'll all be out this christmas.

Now I have to run to the airport. I'm going back to Barcelona. Whioo!

Postat av: Sanna

Åhh i Löööve sikken fin bild och sikken look du har =)haha

2009-08-28 @ 17:46:09
URL: http://sannasophie.blogg.se/
Postat av: Andrea

Tack Sanna =)

2009-08-31 @ 00:05:03

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