Okey so this is the first time in a hudred years or so I do some piece myself. But I just went at it when I found a pin with a glue-strip on in my old wooden chest. So I just mended together a brooch. One quarter of american dollars and one Croatian lipa. My friend today told me that it's illegal to wear money as accesories. But who cares. Its not even swedish kronas. I put it on my black blazer in the other pics.

Postat av: Anonym

Hey beauty, i´m raul (ex-traffic) how are you? For casuality i found your blog, really it´s very fresh, i like it. Well, en stor puss vacker (Sorry for destroy your language...)

2009-08-26 @ 19:49:00
Postat av: Andrea

Hey Raul. How are you? Are you coming back to Traffic? I'm glad to hear you like my blog. Thanks =)) Puss

2009-08-28 @ 17:17:44

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